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George Santiago Was an Assistant Director and Chief editor of a sports newspaper and has written for the sports diverse means of communication on diverse newspapers and companies of both clients.He was deeply familiar with the subject and able to authoritatively write about the most popular sports. He wrote in preparation for ice hockey (both professional and college), basketball, baseball, football. His expertise includes writing in-depth features on athletes, analysis and game sets of statistics.

ESPN RADIO 94.9 is Evansville’s only sports station featuring entertaining sports talk, the best local coverage of your favorite teams, and the biggest events in sports! This format attracts a loyal and attentive audience guaranteeing that your message will be heard.


The Worldwide Leader In Sports
The best coverage, biggest names and top analysts, seven days a week. More than 87 MILLION Americans watch, listen, read or log onto ESPN branded Media in the average week. The average American male spends 1 hour and 44 minutes with ESPN media each day.

Mike & Mike In The Morning, The Herd With Colin Cowherd And The Dan Patrick Show
The country’s most compelling and recognizable personalities take you through the morning and afternoon with entertaining humor and sports talk.

A Positive Association For Your Business
There are few names in media with as powerful and as positive a name as ESPN. ESPN is the leader of sports news and entertainment programming, while staying clear of blue content.

A Loyal And Desirable Audience

ESPN RADIO 94.9’s audience is composed of active listeners, with discretionary income. Sports radio strongly attracts this desirable demographic and they listen loyally. This loyalty leads our listeners to become your customers!


Regent engages in numerous programs and activities that enable it to reach out to the community at large, to promote the profession of broadcasting, to disseminate to potential job candidates information about careers in broadcasting, and to enable individuals to acquire the skills to pursue successful careers in broadcasting.

Specifically, Regent has engaged in the following four activities that are qualified outreach initiatives under the Commission’s rules:

  • Regent has established and maintains an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment. Regent works with Kentucky Weslyan College, Brescia University, Owensboro Community College, Ball State University, Butler University, Indiana University, Hanover College, the University of Evansville, and the University of Southern Indiana to gain interns who help with a variety of aspects of station operations, and thus gain valuable skills that will assist in their eventual employment in the industry.
  • Regent participates in, and indeed is a major sponsor of, an Internet job bank that is designed to promote outreach generally. Regent sponsors the website “TriStateHelpWanted.com,” which is a regional Internet job bank. This website provides assistance and information to job seekers in the tri-state area, and allows the posting of both resumes and job vacancies, including those in the broadcast field.
  • Regent is committed to providing thorough, quality training to its existing employees. Such training includes sales seminars and similar training events that are conducted both on- and off-premises, continuing management education for administrative staff, and a variety of other programs that often include attendance by station employees at regional or national training events. These training programs allow Regent’s current employees to acquire the skills necessary to qualify for higher level positions.
  • Regent provides an abundance of training to management-level personnel with regard to equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination issues. Management level employees are routinely issued written materials and participate in individual and/or group training and counseling sessions about employment issues.


ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Sports

ESPN FC: Soccer News and Scores

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